Geoff has been performing improv most of his life, showing a strong propensity for making things up at an early age.

After winning the University improv champs, he joined The Improv Bandits in 1998 and in 2000 formed the Wellington branch of the troupe. Geoff performed with The Improv Bandits in Vancouver and Toronto in 2003 and has wandered the globe, teaching and performing improv to anyone that sat still long enough. Having tired of the bright lights and stages of London, Canada and the U.S.A, Geoff has returned to New Zealand and currently lives in Wellington, Geoff always scrambles back to Auckland to join the Bandits on stage.  

As an economist and General Manager of a high profile charitable foundation he draws on his improv skills to communicate complex messages in a fun, simple way through speeches, video and writing. Geoff speaks Spanish, is a JOLT trainer, the Self Intelligence system created by fellow Bandit Wade Jackson and has achieved his dream of being the funniest economist in the country. Not that there was much competition.