Greg Ward is a professional actor, voice artist and entertainer with a string of credits to his name including improvisation, opera, theatre, musical theatre, international television series such as Xena Warrior Princess and Spartacus plus short film and television commercials. 

Greg is highly skilled in improvised song, and as a multi-instrumentalist he's a real show-stopper.  Greg spends his days as a full-time professional master of ceremonies, hosting events as well as performing as a top-class entertainer for international and regional clients.  His MC engagements have taken him to the United States, Rio, Barcelona, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, Australia and throughout New Zealand. He performed with the Bandits at the 2014 Chicago Improv Festival.    

Greg would have added a witty, self-deprecating comment about himself, but he's far too busy with important international assignments, and much too modest for that sort of thing. And he reckons he actually DOES have hair – he just keeps it at home in a box.