Tony would have been a founding member but he had to finish his University study.

Originally from the deep south, Tony began his improv career early on at Otago University. He regularly performed at various venues and corporate events in Dunedin and in 1997 his team won the New Zealand Universities improv title. This was where he met Wade and in 1998 when he moved to Auckland, Tony joined The Improv Bandits. 

Tony performed with The Improv Bandits in their first international sojourn to Austin, Texas and was asked to audition for the US TV show ‘Whose Line is It Anyway?’ At this festival Tony also won the International All-Star Maestro Improv Title. Tony performed with the Bandits in New York and at the famous Improv comedy venue in L.A.  In 2000 shifting down to Wellington Tony performed with the Wellington branch of The Improv Bandits. 

Back in Auckland having moved from handing out detentions as a Deputy Principal, to now working in IT with robots and time machines. He loves music, sports, his wonderful kids and toast manifestations of the Dave Matthews Band.